Rising cost of too much stuff
April 6, 2007
Frank@OBOW in Travel News & Regulations

These articles detail the excess luggage fees and limits of the top ten low-cost airlines and the major airlines  Convinced light travelers should never be in danger of tipping these fee scales, but you can use this info to nudge your luggage-laden friends, family, and traveling companions toward “lightness”.

Also, many non-US airlines limit carryon luggage to 10 kg/22 pounds. This is important to remember because it’s easly to pack a legal carryon (usually 45” combined dimensions) beyond this weight - especially if your bag has those evil wheels. You really don’t want to carry around anything that weighs over 20 pounts anyway. Don’t rely on the size of the bag to limit your weight. You must pack intentionally if you want to go light.

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