True Waste; This Brought Tears To My Eyes.
March 1, 2013
Frank@OBOW in Stories

Technically, this has nothing to do directly with travel. However, it does take place in Scotland, we have readers who live in Scotland, and some of you may travel there. So, in a “Six Degrees of Separation” sort of way, it fits with this website.

Someone at the Chivas factory in Scotland hit the wrong button or opened the wrong valve and instead of sending wastewater into the drains, sent thousands of gallons of scotch there instead.

This factory makes Chivas, Ballantine, and Glenlivet—not exactly the cheap stuff!!!

Luckily, Chivas Brothers said this will not affect supply and there will be plenty of scotch for all to enjoy.

Personally, I think the culprit responsible should be tarred and feathered, drawn and quartered, or forced to fly in the middle seat on a long Ryanair flight. Preferably all at the same time.

After writing the above, I think it’s time to pour myself a “wee dram.”


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