Frontier Airlines To Start Charging Some Pax for Carry-On
May 1, 2013
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Frontier Airlines becomes the third airline to charge for carry-on bags. But unlike Spirit and Allegient, the other two carriers who have this fee, Frontier’s will be limited to one type of customer.

Any passenger purchasing the “Basic” fare, only available on third party websites, will be charged between $25 and $100 depending on where they check in. The cheaper cost is if they check in online. If they book their tickets on Frontier’s website, there will be no charge.

Personal items that fit under the seat will still be allowed and are free.

The airline says that space in the overhead bins is getter harder and harder to find and they want to make sure their loyal customers get that space.

How they’re going to enforce this is your guess.

Additionally, anyone booking in “Basic” or “Economy,” the lowest fare offered directly by Frontier, will also begin to be charged for beverages on board. On the plus side, if you order a soft drink, you’ll get the entire can and if you order coffee, refills are free. Wow, just like in first class.

Let the nickel and diming continue!!!!

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