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I've been scanning the internet in a small self imposed quest. I want to figure out how to get cute outfits out of a few piecies of clothing. I think these ladies have done an excellent job. Both Mighty Girl and the ladies at Academichic are one-baggers. Stylish one baggers. And since they also use clothing from thrift shops and Target in their selections, I'm a big fan - more money for travel!

Mighty Girl

Kendi (30 for 30)

And my all out favorite - the ladies at Academichic:
December 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCindy H
Thanks for these links, Cindy. I love reading about other peoples wardrobes, and packing techniques. I bookmarked and subscribed to the Academichic page. Lots of great info there.
December 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCassie
I love reading these sites too, thanks Cindy!

These ladies make my wardrobe and packing look really simple. I haven't worn tights since 1997, that was probably the last time I ever wore a dress or skirt. So my outfits are made up of jeans, trousers, knit or cotton pants, leggings, full length or cropped. Tops consist of shirts, tees, tanks, tunics, sweaters, cardigans. One pair of Reiker dress ankle boots and assorted flats, clogs and flip flops. Highest heel in my closet is 2 inches.
Accessories are a variety of scarves, wraps, Buffs (I now own six) and jewellery.

I actually find excluding skirts and dresses from the equation shortens my time deciding what to wear, especially on holiday. Jamie Lee Curtis became my idol, during an interview several years ago, she was asked why she always wore black pants and shirt. Her reply (not quoted), "because I'm so bad at choosing what to wear every day I decided to make life easy and only have black pants and black shirts for daily wear. It takes me five minutes to get dressed now!"

I wear a lot of black, always have, but my closet is peppered with other colours to mix and match whenever the mood takes me.
December 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPaula S
I hate constricting clothes, so haven't worn jeans since the 70s, or pencil skirts since the 80s. I have a few pairs of carefully hoarded opaque tights in red, burgundy, royal and navy, as well as the more utilitarian (and more widely available in my size) black, and leggings in black, red and white. I have a lot of straight, bootcut and wideleg long pants in black, and a few in red, navy and white -all in stretchy, easy-wash-and-dry fabrics. Three pairs of knitted wool for very cold weather - black, navy and cobalt. I don't like capris on me - they reinforce my brick-dunny-on-toothpicks silhouette.

Tunics are my friend, and I have them in a variety of light materials - mesh, supplex, fine merino, cashmere. Tshirt tops with long or short sleeves, and a huge selection of cardigans complete the layers, which are finished with large pashminas or squares of wool challis. I only have two shirts - both of crushed synthetic material.

Two black and one red supplex dresses go travelling, while at home I mostly wear maxidresses if not wearing trousers. I have an embrodered broomstick skirt that twists into a fist-sized bag.

Shoes are another place where comfort is paramont. I like mary-jane styles, dark coloured laceup walking shoes and wedges or chunky heels on dressy shoes. Boots go on flights only if I wear them while travelling.

Shelf-bra camis, unpadded bras and microfibre knickers complete the roster, with the obligatory sarong, speedos and thongs(flipflops) if there is even the faintest chance of getting in a swim.
December 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterOzBarb