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Still Not Sure If You Should Carry-On?

Twenty nine baggage handlers for Alitalia were recently arrested in Italy when cameras caught them stealing from passengers’ luggage.

Hidden cameras were placed in the cargo hold of numerous Alitalia aircraft—the one place the baggage handlers felt they were safe from scrutiny. The arrests were made at seven different airports in Italy, including in Rome, and an additional 57 are being questioned.

Here’s a video of the thieves in action:

Still want to check your bag? If you do, at least carry your valuables with you on the plane.

Reader Comments (1)

I wondered if you would run this, glad you did.

It really creeps me out seeing that. Knowing it happens around the world just makes me even more determined that b*st*rds like that will never get a chance to root around in my things or steal from me!
May 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPaula Bag Lass

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