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Information about the switch

As many of you know, on Wednesday, June 19, we’ll be switching over to our new website.

Once the switch is made, it may take from a few minutes to a few hours to a full day for the servers to update.

If by Thursday you’re still getting this page, try first to clear your cache and cookies. Then reconnect. Make sure you’re using the following address:


If you’re still having problems, check our Facebook page and Twitter account as I’ll use them to announce any problems we may be facing.

If there are no problem announcements and you’re still can’t connect, use the “Email OBOW” link above to send me an email and I’ll try to help.

Oh, one last thing….if you have an adblock on your browser, it may block some of our content. Don’t worry, there are no popups or ads or anything like that. It just seems that some ad blockers are blocking some of the links on our site. My suggestion is to disconnect them for our site.


One more note….we will not be migrating any postings from this site, both blog and forum, over to the new site. If there’s a thread that is currently active here, feel free to start it again on our new forum. It’s just too difficult, and too costly, to try to move all the copy over. We’re limited in manpower and finances so this just isn’t possible.