Ready to go light?

Let’s face it: Modern travel generally involves going to the nearest airport, flying somewhere on a cramped airplane, then using a variety of modes of transportation to reach our ultimate destinations. Then we reverse the process and reach home. That’s travel as we know it. The light, wheel-less, one-bag approach is the quickest, least stressful, cheapest, and most enjoyable way to travel. And, it’s the only way which will almost surely mesh with all the modes of transport the traveler is likely to use. The well-prepared one-bagger can hop the airliner, taxicab, rental car,train, bus, ferry, subway, bike, boat, helicopter, pig trail, or bush plane with confidence - all while causing the least exertion and inconvenience for himself or those around him.

Travelling across the country or around the world for days, weeks, or months with only lightweight carry-on luggage is possible, and not only possible, but highly desirable. Light travel is a skill anyone can learn.  This site is devoted to tips, proven techniques, and gear reviews to help any traveller on the journey to successful light travel.



Traveling light requires resolve, planning, and a modest amount of the right gear -wheel-less luggage conforming to carry-on regulations, clothing, and accessories. OBOW seeks to inspire the desire to travel light, help travelers develop their own “light” strategies, and recommend the right stuff to make it happen.


The OBOW blog is great place to start. It contains up-to-date travel information and timeless tips


For a basic tutorial of light, one bag travel, we suggest heading over to onebag.com. We are not associated with that site but agree with most of what he says. No one interested in light travel should embark without carefully consulting his site.