Reader “The Foot” sent us these packing lists:


Here’s a pack list from a summer business trip.  This was a 3-day, 3-night business trip where business casual attire was acceptable.  Travel was on direct flights, in the summer, from the East Coast to the Mid-West.  The itinerary had me flying early morning and going straight to the office on day one.  The return flight was early morning the fourth day.

This was before I added the Tom Bihn Western Flyer to my quiver, so the only bag carried was the Eagle Creek Dane.  It’s a convertible laptop bag measuring 17” x 12.5” x 6”.  Due to its structure and padded laptop pocket, it’s a tight fit.  I didn’t weigh the bag this time, but from past experience, I’d estimate it was apx. 14lbs.  For business trips, I usually use TB’s Absolute Strap.  I misplaced it prior to packing.  So, I just hand carried, and used the backpack straps on the return trip.

My clothes for this trip were from my standard wardrobe for this sort of thing.  The shirts were J.Crew button-ups (cotton Super 120 or 80) folded in the packing cube.  The creases came out simply by hanging overnight.  The trousers I usually pack shed wrinkles nicely overnight, as well (They’re the Banana Republic Signature line made of fine wool or wool/silk fabrics).  I’ve tried sox from Icebreaker, Smartwool and REI, and have settled on the Smartwool hiking liners.  They are thin black sox that wash and dry in a snap.  They look good in a business casual outfit, and are slightly less refined than something I would wear with a suit.  For briefs I prefer the C9 performance-whatever from Target.  I do think the ExOfficio fabric is great, but the cut is pretty bad for me.  The C9s perform very well and are only slightly less durable.  The REI Power Dry t-shirts have been in my kit for a couple years.  Not only are they a plain white quick dry shirt (difficult to find), but I find them quite comfortable.

I’m a washer.  I don’t have a problem spending a little time each evening washing clothes while on trips like this.  Unless there is an unusual travel requirement, I will carry a max of 3 dress shirts, and have them laundered as needed.  I would send my shirts out at home, as well.  Therefore, I see the premium the hotel charges for laundry as a small upcharge for keeping my bag lighter, smaller, and never out of my sight.  I have tried this with only 2 dress shirts, but the risk of not getting a shirt back in time is too great.  
So, there’s the itinerary, the bag, the clothes, and my thoughts on washing.  Below is the specific packing list for this trip, and it fairly representative of similar trips.  Regardless of length, the packing list would only adjust slightly to accommodate different weather or activities.

Earbud headset
Access tokens
Power brick
iPhone cable
Broadband aircard
Computer (HP 2560p, 12.5”)
White board marker
Pen (or two, or three)
Notebook (mini soft cover)
House keys
Etymotic hf3 earphones
iPod Classic
Airplane adapter

Beard Trimmer (Wahl 9854-600)
Deodorant crystal
Nail clippers (small)
Tweezers (small)
Imodium pills
Benadryl pills
Ibuprofen pills

Complete List:
Base Layer (2 of each, wash nightly)
    Sox (Smartwool Hiking Liners)
    Briefs (ExOffico or C9)
    Undershirts (white REI Power Dry)
1    T-shirt
1    Polo shirt 
3    Button up shirts
1pr  Chinos
1pr  wool trousers
1pr  Shoes (Loafers)
1    Belt
Rain Jacket (Marmot Aegis)
Running Shorts


Here’s a packing list for a 10-day trip to Brazil.  The itinerary included two international overnight flights, two short domestic afternoon flights, and two hotels.  The expected temps were lows in the upper 60s and highs in the mid-80s (Fahrenheit).  This was a casual trip, with the intention of visiting galleries, museums, and going out for dinner and music.  Since there was potential to have cool weather, I planned to buy sandals (Havianas), if needed.  As it turns out, neither sandals or sunblock were needed, and I wound up wearing shorts only one day.

On the way there, I was able to fit everything into a Western Flyer, with quite a bit of room to spare.  The total weight was 10.2lbs.  This is a great bag, and I am very pleased with it.  There has been much written about it, so I’ll refrain here.  On the way home, I hauled some things home for my travel companion (who was going to Southern Brazil while I returned to The States).  Carrying this stuff, as well as a newly acquired Pandeiro, meant I had to carry the REI Flash 18 backpack, as well as the WF.  The 10” Pandeiro wound up in the large packing cube, with clothing packed in and around it.  The Flash 18 served this purpose very well.  It was also a satisfactory day bag while in the city, and it takes up very little room when packed in the back of the WF.  The Flash 18 worked well for this purpose, but has some limitations.  When it is too worn out for these types of trips, it will be replace with the Tom Bihn Packing Cube Backpack.

-> Bags and organizers
REI, Flash 18
Eagle Creek, Sac, Small
Eagle Creek, Sac, X-Small
Ziploc, bag, Sandwich Size
LowePro, firm mini camera case (for iPod and Etymotic earphones)
Tom Bihn, Western Flyer (left the Absolute Strap at home)
Tom Bihn, Western Flyer Packing Cube, Large
Tom Bihn, Cork Org. Pouch, Small
Tom Bihn, Dyneema Org Pouch, Mini
Tom Bihn, Clear Org Pouch, Mini

-> Complete packing list

-> Gadgets
Notebook & Pen
iPhone earbuds
Etymotic earphones
Earphone/Plane plug adapter
2x Type C adapters
House Keys
EDC/spare bag (empty REI Flash 18)

-> Personal Care
Deodorant crystal
Small nail clippers
Neosporin ointment
Imodium pills
Benadryl pills
Pill Box
Ibuprofen pills
Dr. Bronners Soap
Lens cloth 

-> Clothes
2x Walk Shorts
3x T-Shirts
2x polo
3x briefs
3pr sox
2x button-down shirts  
1pr running shorts
1pr boardshorts
iPhone cable
iPhone wall wart
mini-to-mini audio cable
sneakers (Vans)
Wind/Rain Jacket (Marmot Aegis)

->Travel Documents
Cards, ID, Cash
copy of passport picture page
copy of passport visa page
spare passport pictures
Passport card
2x Copies of flights receipt
2x itinerary with addresses and phone numbers
2x emergency contact # lists
2x travel-mates’ itinerary




Reader “Embees” offered this Packing List:


Six day trip, mid-October to Seattle, WA with a mostly-casual agenda (tourist sites, walking around the city), plus a couple of nice dinners out.  Weather was fairly mild: 45-60*F, no heavy rain (some drizzle).  I’m thirty-mumble, female.  Transport was airplane + public transit in Seattle (train/buses).  

I carried an LL Bean Quickload Convertible; everything fit with room to spare (ended up carrying several of my husband’s shirts, ahem).  Tucked inside was a Tom Bihn “Small Cafe Bag” that came out just before boarding - hello, gold star!  :)  (My intent was to use that around the city as well, but I ended up just putting the necessities in my pockets most days.)

The clothing list includes the items I wore on the plane (pants, long-sleeved tshirt, fleece “jacket”, slip-on loafers).     

3 pr pants (1 corduroy, 1 casual, 1 dress slacks)
4 t-shirts (long sleeve, mix of plain vs “dressy”)
1 button-front blouse (dressy)
2 sweaters (1 cardigan, 1 pullover v-neck)
3 camisoles/tank tops
1 pr tennis shoes
slip-on loafers
fleece jacket (zip front)
scarf (thin cotton)

3-1-1 BAG
liquid makeup (foundation)

jewelry (in “snack size” ziplock bag)
non-liquid makeup (blush, eyeshadow, eyelash curler, lipstick)
feminine necessities

ELECTRONICS BAG (sandwich bag sized)
chargers (camera, cell phone, nook)
hands free/headphones for cell phone

cell phone
camera (small point-and-shoot digital)
flashlight (TB “Guardian”)
mini first aid kit (couple of bandages, antihistimes, Tylenol)



Here’s Brad’s packing list for a 10-day trip to  England and Scotland in May/June where temperatures can range from the mid-40’s to mid-80’s. The upper end temperatures may feel warmer since there’s little air conditioning in hotels or public transportation in the UK. The cooler temperatures can come on quickly and sharply given the blustery winds of northern England and Scotland. So, in effect, the traveler must plan for three seasons’ worth of temperatures. This kit without the options weighs in around 12 pounds.

Luggage is a convertible or shoulder-type carryon weighing under four pounds empty plus a lightweight, unpadded nylon briefcase which serves as carry-on “personal item” on the plane and day bag on the ground.

(This clothing list assumes that sink-washing will be done most nights)


     Clothing - to pack or wear on plane

  • Poly briefs - pack 2, wear 1
  • Poly undershirts - pack 2, wear 1
  • Long-sleeve shirts (quick dry) - pack 1, wear 1
  • Khaki travel sport coat (doubles as light rain coat) - wear
  • Kkaki polyester dress pants - wear
  • Khaki cotton wrinke-resistant pants - pack
  • Wool shirt/jacket (lightweight) - pack
  • Marmot Precip raincoat - pack
  • Socks (lightweight wool or Coolmax) - pack 2, wear 1
  • Shoes - 1 pair (durable, well-broken in - or you’ll regret it)
  • Rain hat - crushable, waxed cotton

  • Anti-perspirant stick - 1/2 oz.
  • Toothpaste - 1 oz.
  • Toothbrush
  • Razor w/2 blades
  • Shaving oil - 1/2 oz. bottle


  • Bungee cord clothesline
  • Flat universal sink stopper
  • Plastic hangers (2) - never enough in the hotel, none in the hostel
  • Plastic clothespins (4)
  • Softsoap anti-bacterial soap (2 - 2 oz. bottles)
  • Bottle of Febreze antimicrobial (2 oz. - half-full)
  • Sink stopper


  • Pocket-sized digital camera, charger, 3 memory cards
  • iPod shuffle and USB charger
  • Noise-cancelling earphones
  • Rick Steves AC adapter plug (for dual-voltage camera charger and USB iPod charger)
  • LED flashlight


  • Moleskine Cahier pocket notebook and pen
  • Quart Ziploc bags (2)
  • Printed travel info sheets (lighter than guidebooks)
  • Reading glasses

    Optional items for extended climate requirements

  • Wool vest
  • Long lightweight poly underwear
  • Wool gloves
  • Wool hat
  • Short-sleeve shirts

    Things normal people wouldn’t leave out

  • Shampoo (I prefer to use what I find along the way - variety is good for the hair)
  • Hairbursh (I can actually get by with my fingers and I have plenty of hair)
  • Sunglasses

    Things I should carry but don’t (according to the experts)

  • Bath robe
  • Lounge pants (for hotel room)
  • Flip-flops
  • Sewing kit
  • First-aid stuff

    Things I may add

  • Small compass
  • Moleskine London city notebook
  • Short-sleeve travel shirt
  • Suction cup hooks to hold clothesline
  • Stain remover stick or wipes (for laundry)