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Traveler's super shirt

The Ex Officio Air Strip Lite shirt is recommended by many serious travelers. The 80% polyester/20% nylon fabric dries quickly and shows few wrinkles after a sink wash. The fabric is soft, has a nice hand, is very comfortable,  and doesn’t wear blisters  on your neck like some “travel” shirts do. An adjustable back vent and slits on the sides with mesh lining make it a perfect choice for mild or hot weather. The fit is excellent and it stays tucked nicely, if you’re a tucker.

exoaslite.jpgMy ony quibbles are that the pockets are placed a little too low on the chest and that the pocket gussetting is too baggy. The Air Strip Lite is available for men and women, in long and short sleeves. I prefer long sleeves even in the summer to protect from the sun and from overly-aggressive air conditioning (I’m cold natured). I bought mine when a local store put it on the end-of-winter sale rack because it had long sleeves, but it’s definitely no winter shirt.


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I like the Air Strip, but I love the look of Exofficio's Trip'r shirt. It's like the Air Strip, only nicer and possible to dress up better.

September 9, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterJeff

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