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I have had a Mountainsmith Kinetic WAISTPACK and have just received their current version, the Kinetic TLS, for my wife's usage, mainly for fitness walking, but these are an item I would take on certain trips. The current model compacts readily for stowage and weighs 11 oz. In essence these are scaled down versions of the Mountainsmith Tour and Day Packs.

I consider these very comfortable belt bags, which have elastic pockets for two half liter water bottles, appropriate for rural area travel that involves shorter hikes, up to perhaps 3 hours, when the weather looks to stay reasonably good. Many hikes in fact are no more than 5 miles round trip. Besides the water, these will carry a cap, a very lightweight windbreaker, cell phone, smaller digital camera and some sort of snack, plus a few very basic first aid items. Fit, adjustability, and quality are excellent. Runners however, might likely favor a smaller single bottle carrier.

I do NOT suggest these packs for urban toiuring due to security issues and well...style. A zipped cross shoulder bag is better for that scenario. For the same rason, and their smaller size, the Kinetic is not ideal as a personal item during transit, where again I favor a somewhat larger cross-shoulder bag.

An alternative but very different pack might be the REI Flash 18 pack, same weight, similar price, larger capacity. but shoulder carry, and no outside water bottle pockets. Most of the time I'd prefer the Kinetic.
June 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAlan B