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Air France Offers Discounts to Carry-On Only Fliers

Air France has seen much of its short and medium haul business lost to competitors such as budget airlines and high-speed trains. To win these customers back, they are doing something unheard of in the airline business.

Anyone traveling with carry-on bags only, which is about 40% of their customers, can opt for new “Mini” fares that are about 20 Euros less than the cheapest economy fares. You won’t get frequent flier mileage, but you will get the same service as everyone else.

In an age where add on fees are keeping the airlines afloat, this seems to go in the opposite direction. I guess having any type or revenue from a seat is better than flying an empty seat.

I’m not complaining. I’m happy any time we onebaggers are rewarded for traveling the way we do.

Are you listening Spirit?

Reader Comments (1)

Its a good idea. There is a calculator for the average airline cost per pound/kilo of luggage, so the 20 EURO is one thing.

But the catch is its only for short/medium haul flights, where they have that high one day travel business segment and higher carry on rate.

Because clearly many people would want the frequent flier miles on long haul flights. Say an average rate of buying miles is 3 cents. At less than say 1000 miles, it makes sense to take the 20 EURO discount. Above that it might not.

And thats the beauty of their bean counters, the exclusion of frequent flier miles and the inclusion of only short/medium flights.

This is very creative in terms of changing their revenue and income streams. I would not be surprized to see more similiar schemes coming, lower cost but sacrifice frequent flier miles. thats a huge thing.
January 7, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRalph

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