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Daily Roundup--January 19, 2012

Heathrow Airport will operate a temporary terminal on August 13, to expedite the departure of approximately 10,000 athletes from the area. That’s the day after the Olympics end. My suggestion: not a great day to travel to, from, or through London.


More cracks are being found on the wings of Airbus 380’s. Airbus says the planes are safe. No word as to why an Air France A380 enroute to Toronto today declared an inflight emergency and returned to Paris.


While there are lots of hearings being planned in wake of the cruise ship tragedy in Italy, including one by the U.S. Congress, experts say don’t expect to see any major changes anytime soon.


President Obama signed an executive order today to help make international travel to the U.S. easier.

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Flying on SIA soon on the 380 for one leg. Can't change seat on that leg. Making me wonder what is going on.
January 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMagpie

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